Monday, April 02, 2012

Anti-Money Laundering identity verification – the use of copy passports

During a couple of monitoring visits recently a monitor has raised as a default the fact that the IP had taken colour photocopies of a passport in order to identify an individual as part of their anti-money laundering procedures, which is a breach of Crown Copyright. Having checked the position with the National Archives, which is the Government body responsible for monitoring and dealing with Crown Copyright, they have confirmed that you can take copies of an individual’s passport to verify their identity without breaching Crown Copyright, but that it must only be a black and white copy. Colour copies are prohibited because of the risk of forgery.

A copy of other points about the use of a passport as part of your anti money laundering procedures: first, only take a copy of the personal details page of the passport; and secondly, ensure that the copy is held securely as it contains personal data relating to that individual.