Tuesday, August 26, 2014

OR Rotas – the need to reapply

Just a quick reminder that you will need to reapply to the OR by no later than 31 August in order to remain on the OR’s rota, or rotas, that you are currently on. Membership of a rota is no longer permanent, and an annual re-application is required whereby you re-confirm that you meet the criteria to remain on the rota. You will need to make a separate re-application to each OR whose rota you are on.

Despite hunting around we could not find any official publication from the Insolvency Service on the subject, but according to information provided by R3, the criteria for being on a rota operated by an OR is that you must have an office situated within the boundaries of a Court for which that OR has jurisdiction. Your office must be permanently staffed by at least one directly employed employee of your firm, and that employee must have experience of advising on insolvency matters. It will not be sufficient for there to be an agency or retainer relationship with the employee. 

We are aware that the ORs are checking that IPs on their rota meet the criteria and that they are complaining to RPBs if they find that an IP has stated in their application that they meet the criteria when they do not.